As surgical cases begin post COVID-19, TracPatch is here to help.

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are becoming the new norm, and that’s ok. TracPatch is partnering with orthopedic surgeons and healthcare providers to deliver a solution for early detection and intervention of adverse events, such as surgical site infections and arthrofibrosis (stiff knee), while patients enjoy recovering from their Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) with the comfort of at-home rehabilitation.

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The TracPatch Health System

Intuitive App for patients and providers

Motivates patients with the information and tools to stay engaged with their at-home rehabilitation while staying connected to their physician, maximizing success of recovery goals. Empowers healthcare providers with the data and support to make evidence-based decisions that result in optimal care, improving patient satisfaction, cost containment and overall recovery progress.

Innovative Surface Sensor Technology

Monitors knee range of motion, steps, and wound temperature with compact, easy-to-apply sensors that securely uploads real-time data that’s available via the TracPatch apps and web portal, allowing healthcare providers to personalize patients’ recovery journeys throughout the episode of care to optimize the probability of successful rehabilitation.

Quality data, tools & support

Provides accurate, real-time patient data and engagement allowing healthcare providers to effectively personalize patient recovery goals.  Supported by our care team, from onboarding to monitoring patient compliance and early detection of arthrofibrosis/infection, physicians can customize their care to optimize patient outcomes, while reducing costly readmissions.

Real Engagement. Real Data. In Real Time.