As surgical cases begin post COVID-19, TracPatch is here for you.

New tele-health and remote monitoring requirements will become the new norm. That’s ok. TracPatch is here to help you manage your case-loads and to make sure each patient feels safe and can recover in the comfort of their home.

Real Engagement. Real Data. In Real Time.

The TracPatch System

Surface Sensor Technology

Captures daily range of motion progress, monitors ambulation to see movement in action, and provides real time feedback on patient’s exercise compliance.

Connecting Providers & Patients

Immediate in hand reference, providing the critical communication needed to aid in efficient recovery process, improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Unlocking Real-Time Actionable Insights

For informed short-term and long-term care decisions. Insight and algorithms on patient data. Create custom patient goals and optimized patient outcomes.

What Surgeons are Saying:

My patient told me he did not want a total knee replacement if he couldn’t use TracPatch.”

Dr. David Stulberg, Northwestern University Health System

Founder and Secretary General, International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA)

I’ve been able to monitor the progress of my bilateral knee patient in Dallas from my living room in Chicago. I get instant range of motion data, skin temperature, wound photos and exercise compliance. TracPatch delivers truly remote access care to ensure a great outcome.” 

– Dr Shawn Palmer, The Hip & Knee Center

The real-time comparison data & information this provides the hospital as an agnostic solution is incredible. This will finally provide concrete objective answers to all of the technological and surgical solutions we provide and support.” 

– Large Hospital System

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