Sarah BolanderSr. Manager, Clinical Integration and Reimbursement


    BS, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, Western Michigan University, 2008

    MS, Occupational Therapy, Western Michigan University 2009


    Sarah Bolander, MS OTR/L, currently serves as the Clinical Integration and Reimbursement Specialist at TracPatch Health, focusing on provider and patient user experience updates and product development,  and integration of general regulatory and reimbursement language with MSK related remote monitoring best practices into real world clinic workflows in both medical and therapy-based practices.  Her primary goals include adding value to the existing data sets that support interventions based on social determinants of health, patient specific interventions and cause/effect on direct change in MSK behavior, increasing patient self-efficacy and engagement in their recovery/treatment plan, and facilitate better patient and provider shared decision making.   Prior to TracPatch, Sarah worked as an occupational therapist within the acute and subacute orthopedic space and within a worker’s compensation and chronic pain non-surgical patient population as a part of a multi -disciplinary Functional Restoration Program.

    Value Statement

    Sarah brings the unique skill set of an occupational therapist into the new and emerging world of remote patient monitoring and wearable technology.  Using organizational and systems-based approaches as well as frame of reference methodology, she is able to identify needs, locate resources, develop solutions, and integrate evidence based best practices within organizations- bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional occupational therapy practices.  As a clinical expert, Sarah’s influence is integrated into multiple aspects of the TracPatch Health Ecosystem.