James SantangeloSr. Engineer of Design & Manufacturing


    BS in Mechanical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA


    With over 20+ years of medical device experience, James has acquired an all-encompassing range of skills to help get products to market.  These include medical device engineering design and documentation, design control, CAD modeling and drawing best practices, domestic and foreign regulatory requirements, and design for manufacturability.  He has done extensive design and development work in knee and hip orthopedic implants and instrumentation.  Whether it was designing custom implants or instrumentation for surgeons or creating a paper-free change management process, James is always up to the challenge.  He internally developed a CT based patient specific instrument system for knee arthroplasty that was able to go from importing the DICOM data through to generating models and drawings for production in under an hour.  James directly planned and managed over 140 of these patient specific surgical cases over a 3 year period.   Throughout his career he has also developed and improved process and change management systems to help his company work smarter and more efficiently.  Currently he is now working in the wearables field of medical devices and is excited to help Granger grow into a market leader.

    Value Statement

    Engineering is not all numbers and formulas.  It also requires an element of creativity to help achieve a desired output based upon limited inputs.  In the medical device field, you know that when you have a successful product that helps doctors achieve better results, you are also directly improving the lives of patients.