Holly McAlpineManaging Director


    MS in Materials Science & Engineering, University of Florida,

    Gainesville, FL

    BS in Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University, Alfred, NY


    As a proven marketing leader in the high-tech hardware and software industries with an engineering background, Holly has 20+ years of experience working in complex environments in both Fortune 500 companies (Motorola and Intel) and early-stage Startup companies.  Holly began her career as a engineer at Motorola supporting the automotive group, where she earned a patent. Then at Intel she made the leap into marketing and values its connection with technology and sales. Holly has a breadth of experience in market development, market strategy, branding, lead gen, field and product marketing, as well as product R&D.

    Value Statement

    Understanding how to make the complex simple isn’t always easy but is our aspiration. We accomplish this by telling the story and fitting the pieces together in a well-designed strategy, with a clear understanding of the value proposition, market and business priorities, while benefiting our customers and solving their problems.