6 Questions with Curt Wiedenhoefer

OrthoSpineNews has recently interviewed Curt Wiedenhoefer, President of Consensus Orthopedics, about TracPatch and the future of orthopedic wearable technology.

“I first got to know Curt Wiedenhoefer in 1988 when we were both working with Richards Medical, now Smith & Nephew.  He was a young salesman working in Southern California selling trauma and hip and knee products. Since that time, Curt was recruited to Depuy in Northern California to manage the sales efforts for one of the largest distributorships at the time in the U.S.  While he was working closely with surgeons, he realized there was a need for medical electronics in orthopedics. He founded a company, called Eisenlohr Technologies, Inc. in 1992.  They developed a hand held measuring device for radiographs and an X-Ray marker.  He bootstrapped the product development by collaborating with the PhD electrical engineering program at Stanford University.  Self-funding with a small group of investors, he was able to get the product to market and sold it worldwide. Over the last 12 years he served as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Consensus Orthopedics. The past 2 years he has also been the General Manager of the TracPatch division, which focuses on wearable technology in orthopedics.  Recently, he was promoted to President of the Consensus Orthopedics.

I sat down with Curt and asked him a few questions about the new technology Consensus is developing.”

Read the article here.

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