How TracPatchTM Works

TracPatch technology is designed to optimize each patient’s entire 90-day episode of care.

With TracPatch, patients are motivated to engage in their rehabilitation program while their healthcare providers remotely monitor progress and participation. The healthcare provider has complete insight into their patients’ entire 90-day episode of care rehabilitation program and progress leading to success all around.

All-in-one System

The TracPatch wearable device is part of a technologically advanced data-driven system.

TracPatch Wearable Device

The TracPatch device passively collects ROM, ambulation, exercise, and wound site temperature trend data during a patient’s episode of care. The device wirelessly transmits the data by Bluetooth technology to your smartphone and web dashboard for 24/7 access to your patients.

TracPatch App

The TracPatch app was designed for an intuitive user experience on any smartphone with Bluetooth technology. The device transmits key data points directly to the TracPatch secure cloud platform, where healthcare providers can track patient progress on the app or web dashboard.

TracPatch web dashboard

Throughout your day, TracPatch automatically syncs to the TracPatch app and uploads data to the TracPatch cloud. The TracPatch web dashboard then delivers the insights you need to help you stay one step ahead. Access every one of your patients anytime, anywhere. See every data point, stat, goal, insight and more from the convenience of your computer. Customize your dashboard to suit your needs and data points you want.

How to use TracPatch

We have designed TracPatch to be very user friendly. Follow our step-by-step process to get started.