Treat the right patient at the right time, in the right place.

Our remote patient monitoring system, TracPatch, provides care teams with the tools they need to remotely track the health of their patients at home, connecting 24/7 with the patients doctor, and help detect problems before they lead to readmissions.

We are constantly working to improve patient lives by engineering and manufacturing innovative medical devices and technology. TracPatch is key to continuing post-operative care in this era of social distancing and self-isolation. Conventional methods of post-operative care and physical therapy need to be modified to ensure patients feel safe no matter where they are.

TracPatch is here to help you. Utilizing two wearable devices and separate dashboards for patients and healthcare, TracPatch provides healthcare providers with crucial care insights while motivating patients to comply with post-operative guidelines during at-home recovery.

Connected Health

Meet and monitor patients anywhere, anytime. 24/7 actionable data delivered to you instantly.

Cost Savings

Real-time patient data tracking enables early intervention and reduced reeadmisions which means lowering costs for you and your practice.

Increased Efficiency

Boost patient engagement, increase compliance, and capture real-time patient data on any implant system, leading to improved efficiencies throughout the EoC.




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