How to Use TracPatch

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What is TracPatch?

TracPatch is a two-piece device that attaches to a patient’s leg, above and below the knee, after a total knee replacement surgery. It continuously collects activity data including range of motion (ROM), exercise compliance, wound site temperature trends and ambulation, through a centralized app, and sends it to the healthcare provider who is then able to review and track patient progress throughout the entire episode of care.

How is it used?

For Healthcare Providers:

The future of healthcare is data and TracPatch was created with that in mind. Healthcare providers are now able to ensure exercise compliance and remotely monitor each patient’s progress using TracPatch. The devices are placed pre-operatively to gather pre-operative baseline data and validate the elected course of treatment. The devices are also used intra-operatively as a method to capture range of motion and validate the correct placement of the implant. However, TracPatch is best known for its post-operative capabilities.

TracPatch was designed to capture important patient activity data and send it through the cloud to the patient’s healthcare provider so they can provide an overall better and more individualized care experience for the patient. Patients can send pain scores and wound photos directly to their healthcare provider who can view them in the healthcare provider app and web portal anytime, anywhere. Patient exercise and ambulation data, as well as wound site temperature trends, are automatically captured and sent to the healthcare provider who can make recommendations or changes to the recovery plan at the tap of a button. The technology is invaluable because it may be used to improve productivity, reduce the cost of care and help healthcare providers get ahead of issues.

For Patients:

Finding the motivation to complete rehabilitation exercises at home can be challenging for a patient who is in a lot of pain following a total joint procedure. TracPatch was created to empower patients to take control of their recovery and feel more connected to their healthcare provider, all from the comfort of their own home.

When the patient leaves the hospital their post-operative episode of care begins and TracPatch is utilized to guide them through it. Patients can log into their app at any time of day to send wound photos or pain scores keeping their healthcare provider in the loop. They also use the exercise and ambulation feature to view the goals set by their healthcare provider and strive to achieve them without ever overdoing it. TracPatch gives patients the ability to see in real-time the progress they have made over days, weeks and months. Patients can use TracPatch as a way to be involved in their healthcare and develop a stronger, more connected relationship with their healthcare provider.

Before TracPatch, there was a common drawback in orthopedic surgery: a minimal connection between surgeons and patients. Healthcare providers can now engage patients every day during their episode of care and with TracPatch, patients are feeling more empowered than ever to reach their recovery goals. For more information about TracPatch contact us today.

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