Healthcare Communication Technology Provides Benefits

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New technology is rapidly being implemented in the healthcare industry and as a result, better care and new practices are emerging. With the power of smartphones has come the ability to communicate with one another in mere seconds regardless of location or time of day. The impact of this new technology is making its way into the healthcare industry as suddenly the combination of wearable devices and smartphones has given patients and physicians the ability to communicate remotely and individualize patient care.

The benefits of utilizing healthcare communication technology were discussed last month at the OCTANe Medical Technology Innovation Forum.

Jenna Mons, CEO of the concierge healthcare provider AccessElite Inc., stated that even if the patient’s health is copacetic, physicians should still consider using apps, wearable devices, and telemedicine to glean information from their patients. “This can be as simple as every time the patient puts a data point in, he or she gets information back,” she said.1

“For example, once the patient registers a response to a question you asked electronically, respond that 60% of people like you feel this way as well. Even something as simple as looking at the patients’ numbers and messaging them that ‘you had a great day today,’ can keep your patients motivated and engaged,” she continued.1

Two-way communication that utilizes health technology is critical, agreed Robert Allison, founder of the venture capital and consulting firm Innovate Partners. Patients will see messages like the one Mons described and “say to themselves ‘I did this to get better. I can take one more step [to get better],’” he said.1

The panel highlighted a few other ways that healthcare providers can communicate with their patients via healthcare technology including:1

  • asking the patient what his or her goals are;
  • working on those goals one at a time; and
  • ensuring the patient knows the data is being watched for potential medical “red flags,” such as high BP.

Luckily for the orthopedic industry, this technology has already been created and is being used to keep physicians and patients in frequent communication, across the United States. TracPatch Surface Sensor Technology was designed for the very purpose of keeping healthcare providers connected with their patients and empowering patients throughout the recovery process. For more information about TracPatch contact us today.


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