5 Benefits of TracPatch

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It’s no secret, the future of healthcare is data. However, the future of orthopedic surgical medicine is TracPatch. 

What is TracPatch? 

TracPatch is a two-piece device that attaches to a patient’s leg, above and below the knee, after a total knee replacement surgery. It continuously collects activity data including range of motion (ROM), exercise compliance, wound site temperature trends and ambulation, through a centralized app, and sends it to the healthcare provider who is then able to review and track patient progress. 

What are the benefits of utilizing the TracPatch Technology? 

Digital Health Solutions 

Technology is changing the way physicians solve patient problems. TracPatch connects pre-op data measurements with post-op recovery, providing evidence-based medicine throughout the care cycle. The device allows the surgeon to monitor a patients mobility and activity which is crucial for optimal outcomes. Healthcare providers can now assess patient progress and make recommendations, digitally.  

Connected Health 

With the TracPatch app, a new line of communication has been opened between a surgeon and patient, that never existed before. TracPatch was designed to be the link between a surgeon and patient throughout the entire episode of care. The device allows the surgeon to remotely monitor the patient, review and evaluate progress and make any recommendations or changes at the press of a button. Eighty-eight percent of physicians want patients to have the ability to monitor health parameters at homeWith TracPatch, now they can. 

Big Data Analytics 

Big data analytics is changing the healthcare industry as a wholeTracPatch, powered by AI Watson technology, utilizes a patient’s data and informs the healthcare provider through the power of connected technology. With TracPatch, surgeons can now evaluate trend lines of patient data based on demographics. With this, they can make more informed decisions for each individual patient. 

Cost Savings 

One of the most important benefits of the TracPatch technology is its ability to reduce costs. The technology provides objective data and benchmarked patient information to help healthcare providers improve decision making and reduce costs. 

Increased Efficiency 

The TracPatch wearable device system provides unfettered access to clinical, wellness, and reporting analytics, providing objective data for informed patient care. The technology Increases healthcare provider productivity and facilitates communication while potentially decreasing unnecessary office visits and centralizing care data. 

Before TracPatch, there was a common drawback in orthopedic surgery: a minimal connection between surgeons and patients. Healthcare providers can now engage patients every day during their episode of care and with TracPatch, patients are feeling more empowered than ever to reach their recovery goals. For more information about TracPatch contact us today and follow TracPatch here 

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